An Absolute Commitment

Meeting Expectations

Services with complete quality control

At Tessolve, quality is not a separate box to check off but integrated into every project we deliver. Our stress on quality is reflected in our work, as quoted by our CEO, Raja Manickam, “Let Quality be the number one agenda for us to meet our customer expectation.”

Our Quality Policy 

We are committed to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering quality solutions and customer service. We strive hard to continually improve the quality of services through skill upgrade and teamwork.

Our Quality Pyramid

Efficient & effective quality management system

Quality management system at Tessolve comprises a four-level system. All of our departments are governed by a set of Procedures and Processes based on the system with each parameter meticulously followed by all employees in the organization.

Our Quality Manual 

Written to adhere to the requirements of International Organization for Standardization, our quality manual is a well documented representation of Procedures, Guidelines, Instructions, and Checklists, drafted to meet customer expectations. Our checklist is prepared on 100 manhours of invaluable practical experiences of our project team members. One we update at regular intervals for continuous improvement.

Our Quality Practice

Benchmarking deliverables at every stage

Quality Checks @ Tessolve

Our team of Quality Professionals, at various stages, verify the deliverables against the standard checklist to ensure that these meet our benchmarks and customer specifications before delivered to the customer. They act as actual customers verifying that deliverables are quality assured with our set procedures and checklists helping assess all critical aspects of project benchmarking at every stage in every department.