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PCB Design Engineering - SI/PI Simulation Services

SI/PI Simulation Services

The integrity and quality of the PCB layout becomes critical for optimizing the performance of the system as signal speeds increases. State-of-the-art software tools that perform Simulation can help to analyze and avoid the painful hours of debug in a lab. But Post-layout analysis alone is no longer enough to guarantee design success. Designers must be able to evaluate alternative layout strategies before PCB layout begins, taking into account allowable manufacturing tolerances. Tessolve’s Simulation team follow a strategy for each net as it is developed and rules are defined for a layout that ensures that the net will work under real world conditions. We support the layout process at real-time to solve any rout-ability vs performance issues before they have a chance to affect schedule and cost.

At the same time, Simulation can prove to be time consuming and expensive. With our extensive experience in SI/PI, we will work with you at the beginning of the design to mutually determine the practical level of simulation required for your specific board, to mitigate the risk and also eliminate layout iterations.

Tessolve’s SI experts have years of experience in pre-design and post-design verification and analysis. This experience and expertise, combined with powerful state-of-the-art software, helps ensure your design will work the way you expect it to be the very first time.

Simulation Services

Below are lists of services we provide along with detailed reports containing Simulation setups, the Models used, Result Plots, observation and analysis report.

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