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PCB Reverse Engineering

You are here for a reason and the reasons to reverse engineer an existing PCB may include

PCB Reverse engineering is a tedious work and you need a team with Circuitry knowledge and years of experience. This involves understanding / studying the engineering sketches and specifications, electrical / electronic analysis of PCB, component obsolescence / replacement analysis, PCB Material analysis, Dimension analysis / Board outline drawings, process variation of reverse engineered board. At Tessolve we have a dedicated team working for PCB and Mechanical design and understand the PCB Reverse engineering process very well.

You have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, Tessolve can help you. We can take in Gerber files or a bare/populated board and create a fully functioning PCB. WE can recreate circuit diagram, generate a Bill of Materials, design a PCB layout, then can be modified to design out, component obsolescence, EMC problems or add new features to your design. Further, if you require a prototype PCB, component assembly and board bring up services we can provide that too as a complete turnkey solution.

Tessolve Reverse Engineering Services provides a complete documentation package required for manufacturing which includes but no limited to:

PCB Design Engineering

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