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PCB Layout Services

As edge rates of logic devices become faster and PCB designs become more advanced and geared towards miniaturization, a number of issues and pitfalls can emerge at the layout stage if you do not have appropriate tools and expertise at your disposal to handle your requirements. Each tool has its own unique capabilities, advantages and caveats. Choosing the right tool for the layout should be at the forefront of PCB layout planning and must never be ignored. In-depth experience using the various PCB layout tools available today is the best indicator of the direction to take regardless of densities, application or speed requirements.

Tessolve’s PCB layout specialists are available to help you select the best layout tool and stretch your resource dollars and speed your PCB prototyping cycle. Just submit the schematic, board outline & BOM (with component datasheets) and we will send you the finished design file and finished bare boards.

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