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About Us - Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

We are seeing a revolution in our life style through the increase in mobility, in social networking, individual choices, productivity and even in governance. While a lot of this can be attributed to the internet and software, the fundamental building block is semiconductor. The revolution in processing speed, power and miniaturizing in semiconductor has changed how products are used; infrastructure is built and enables individual choices. Products are designed for specific markets, specific individuals and customized for specific needs. However, the building blocks, semiconductor products must be able to meet the performance, quality, reliability and most important, be scalable and be cost competitive.

Our vision is to enable product companies the tools, resources and expertise to convert physical silicon to good quality, cost competitive, stable manufacture-able products.

Tessolve offers expertise in semiconductor engineering solutions. While there have been significant advances in wafer fab processes, post wafer processing, packaging and test has not kept up with the pace. Tessolve over the years has built up an expertise in test engineering, test hardware solutions and package design. Tessolve enables more new product introductions at a lower cost and continuously looks to reduce cost and cycle time in assembly and test manufacturing. All of the above can be done with the customer, focusing on new products and new markets with shorter time to production.

We believe semiconductor backend operations are moving towards the next phase of innovation with SiP and WLP, which is leading to miniaturization and an increase in powerful mobile products. This requires backend companies to have the knowledge and expertise to innovate. We see a future for smart manufacturing companies with intensive engineering capabilities. Tessolve is evolving to be your engineering partner to introduce new product (NPI), to provide engineering throughout the life of the product and build roadmap expertise aligned with customers.

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