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Bench Characterization - SMART Lab

Modern IC designs have reached unparalleled levels of complexity, resulting in more and more bugs discovered when the device arrives. Post Silicon Electrical Validation and Characterization at Test Bench helps assessing the accuracy of the measurements and further debug during the device wake up. Initial wake up of the device requires Bench setup that helps the designer and the application engineer to understand the device behavior in a better manner & compare physical data with the simulation results that was obtained during the design phase – thus resulting in providing more accurate specification in the data sheet which is the most wanted document by the end user.

Thus Validation of Module level functionality / Verifying System integration performance and capabilities at Test Bench is a step ahead than design specifications and also leads to Module / System level innovation in future designs.

Judgment from measurement is more important than the measurement itself. Data matching doesn't mean the measurement is intact. Measurement not only depends on DUT performance but also on other factors such as limitation of the Instruments, DUT board, it’s parasitic and test environment.

Bench characterization is in fact an important step in choosing right Board design with optimal parasitic and right environment that makes use of desired instruments to ensure right module functionality (based on DFT availability) creating correct test conditions there by ensuring correct measurement of data.

Further, more complicated issues being faced in an ATE environment requires data that is more accurate which is possible to get only in the Bench Char environment. Tessolve has pioneered into rendering Test Services related to Post Silicon Electrical Validation & Characterization at Test Benches for top notch Silicon Manufacturers worldwide.

Clubbed with rich expertise available from in-house CAD team, Bench Characterization Team of Tessolve can add value delivering the right test services starting from defining the Characterization platforms, waking up the DUT / boards, understanding & executing the test plan provided by the customer / designer, performing the Data collection across the PVT variation followed by the Data analysis and report submission. The team experience include Characterization of High speed converters meant for Medical & Imaging, Connectivity solutions related short & long range Wireless RF applications, Wired High Speed interfaces meant for Networking applications, Low Power SOC solutions, Power Management Modules and IO Characterization.

Post-Silicon Electrical Validation and Characterization at Test Bench:

  • Design and Testing of Characterization Board.
  • Device wake-up and trimming.
  • Debug support with customer specific tools.
  • Test and Validation Plan.
  • Identification of Right Equipments and Test Tools.
  • Automated Test Sequence Development.
  • Data Collection across PVT and ATE Correlation.
  • Data Plots preparation.
  • Data Sheet Electrical Spec confirmation.
  • Report Submission.

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